Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Content Writer

There are countless merits of hiring an experienced and professional content writer. The experience/expertise/excellence that he/she brings along makes all the difference. Every human has a potential to excel, but it's his experience that makes him stand among the best.

Following are the major benefits of hiring an experienced content writer:

  1. Ready to Out Perform
    He is definitely an expert in his profession. Therefore, all you need is to just give him a hint, and he is always at standby, ready to take up any topic that you might just think of.
  2. Has Strong Writing Skills
    You need not waste your time editing stuff that comes from the pen of an experienced content writer. Forget about real life, even in his dreams he doesn't let grammar, punctuations, formatting, tone, flow, and language style go haywire.
  3. Helps You Plan Well
    He estimates the tasks well, and helps you plan your assignments accordingly. As he knows his job well, he doesn't hit in the dark rather answers only after an in depth analysis.
  4. Keeps You Out of Misadventures
    He is aware what type of content is suitable for what purpose. Therefore, never lets you waste your time and resources in a wrong direction.
  5. Knows Which Tools to Use for Writing and Publishing
    As an experienced professional, he is well aware about the kind of content deliverables that your customer or project needs. Therefore, he suggests you the right tools to develop, manage, and publish content.
  6. Have a Reputation That Helps You Rise
    Having an experienced writer in your team adds to the reputation that your clients or management looks forward to, thereby increasing your chances of growth and getting business.
  7. Can Train Young Writers in the Team
    It's not easy to hire many experienced content writers due to financial and availability constraints. Therefore, hiring young writers and getting them mentored by experienced writers definitely gets your team rolling.
  8. You Can Bank Upon Them
    Once a task is handed over to them you don't need to follow up repeatedly. Just let yourself be out of it, the experts are at serious work.
  9. Don't Need to Worry About Attrition
    They are professionals and don't like having short sprints, but long runs with a company, therefore you can rely upon them for longer duration without a regular hiring effort.
  10. Have Ability to Work in Diverse Teams
    Experienced writers at one or other time have collaborated with international teams sitting across diverse geographical locations. Therefore, this exposure comes handy when you need people who can work together with your esteemed foreign clients.
To conclude, I would say, once you invest in experience you earn in a multifold manner not only financially but on the knowledge front as well. Therefore, it’s really a very good idea to get your task done from the content experts.

Reference: Originally posted on Ulricho Blog by me. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Points That One Should Keep in Mind While Writing an Article

  1. Know All About the Target Product/Service
    It is very necessary to collect all the information about the product or service that you wish to market through the article. Accurate knowledge of all the features, limitations, and specifications will help you sound genuine and convincing.
  2. Know Your Target Audience
    Understand who would be your target audience to write the content in a suitable tone, vocabulary, emotion, and language style. The audience can be differentiated on the basis of age, profession, interests, qualification, etc. For example, if you are targeting corporate level readers, the tone must be highly formal, vocabulary a high level, emotion preferably neutral, and business level language style must be adopted.
  3. Read Other Articles of Similar Kind and Analyze
    Before you hold your pen and start writing. Do read what others have to say. It will help you refine your content. You will be able to write what people expect, and not just anything.
  4. Try to Keep the Article Content in Line with the Title
    Having an eye catching title and content exactly focussed on the same will increase the accuracy of your article. An article with a suitable title, an interesting one, will definitely attract people, but the moment they find that the article body describes something else, they will be negatively impacted which is not at all good for any marketing campaign.
  5. Always Have Keyword Based Articles
    Articles that are easily searchable online for specific keywords, are obviously read more than the ones that are tough to search. Therefore, do embed long tail keywords in your articles, try not to over burden your article with keywords, having maximum of 4 keywords per 100 words is enough. A keyword may be repeated not more than 3 time in an article.
  6. Always Have an Introduction and Conclusion Paragraph
    The beginning of an article should be focussed on an interesting overview/introduction. This will give an outlook of what is there inside, and will encourage a reader to read further. Also, a suitable conclusion allows a reader to collect his thoughts.
  7. Format Your Article Perfectly
    Know that a well formatted article with a proper usage of bold type, underlines, italics type, numbering, bullets, etc., makes the article a presentable one. There is a famous saying, “if you can’t make it perfect, at-least make it presentable”.
  8. Proof Read Your Article for Punctuation/Grammar/Spellings
    Once you finish your article, don’t hurry to publish it. Take some rest, at least 30 minutes, come back, and edit your article with an open mind. Take due consideration to remove any punctuation/grammar/spelling mistakes.
These are very basic points that will definitely help you write some fabulous articles online.
Best of Luck!

Reference: Originally posted by Amit Kumar Chahar (Technical Writer - Ulricho) on Quora:

Sunday, June 19, 2016

10 Important Points to Keep in Mind While Writing Professional Website Content

Website content is very important consideration for all kinds of businesses. Whether they deal with software or hardware products or any kind of customer/business oriented services, it’s really very important to have a professional, well written, effectively punctuated, and knowledge carrying website content. As website content is something that faces the customer before you actually do. First impression is the last impression, therefore serve the best information about your business on your official website. It’s actually called placing your best foot forward and corresponds to a nice and perfect beginning to a successful journey of your business.

Following are the major points that should be taken care of while writing your website content:
  1. Collect Relevant Information about Your Products and ServicesIt’s the first most important step. Explore your products and services, and write all the points that you wish to include in your website content. Concentrate on the most interesting and outstanding features. Collect all the technical specifications.
  2. Understand Customer RequirementsYou must understand what a customer looks forward to in your product. Explore competitor websites, online forums, and blogs to see customer feedback about similar products. Analyze the same, and present your product in a way that resolves most the concerns that people have.
  3. Analyze the Audience/Readers
    Audience or readers are very important consideration for content writers. The tone, flow, and language, must match their acceptance criterion. For example, if the audience consists of business leaders, the tone should be highly formal, flow should be uniform, and language must consist of business class language/vocabulary. If the audience is college going students, it’s expected that the tone should be a bit aggressive, flow could be non uniform, and language should be simple. Similarly, if it is intended for children, a tone filled with affection, and a short and sweet writing style will make all the difference.
  4. Use Points Wherever Applicable
    People who read content in a hurry look forward to important points. Therefore, wherever possible explain your product and services in a point wise manner. Never forget to highlight the most important and striking points.
  5. Don’t Forget to Explain Who Your Are
    Even if people like your services page, they are skeptical about your team and company. Therefore, it is very important to create the two pages titled “Our Team” and “About Us”.  The moment the reader knows about you and your team, his confidence in your company grows by leaps and bounds.
  6. Every Page Should Have an Appealing Introduction
    A reader will read, and will be interested to read further only when he finds the introductory paragraph interesting. Therefore, always have a very intuitive beginning of your web content.
  7. Never Forget to Conclude Your Content
    An open ended content is like an incomplete information. Always try to give a genuine conclusion to your writing.
  8. Never Write Something That Might Appearing Threatening
    Let’s consider you have an electric fuse as the product, and you wish to make your customer aware that yours is a genuine standard product, others can cause harm or damage to his electrical systems. You should take utmost care to sound as a gentle consultant, not an assertive salesman.
  9. Always Edit Your Content for Grammar, Punctuation, Spellings, and Language Flow
    A grammatically correct website content written in flawless English, well punctuated, nicely formatted text, and without spelling errors definitely appears soothing to read.
  10. Add Graphics, Flow Charts, and Images at Relevant Points in Website Content
    Images, graphics, and flow charts placed at right locations in the website content make reading interesting.
These are very basic points. Once you start writing website content, you will yourself figure out
more of such kind to further refine your writing style.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Importance of Effective and Unique Content for a Website

It is generally known that when it comes to websites, “content is king”. What most high ranking websites are today is as a result of their quality content, which may be text, pictures, or videos, having strong influence on their audience. It is very important to pay attention to the content of your website, because people will always identify you via your content. When good content is published, it tends to increases the number of people who find your website through search engines.

Search engines like contents of websites, especially frequently updated ones, and if you want to get people to your site, it’s important to provide content that people want to see. Similarly, an interesting content will always capture the attention of your audience, which will drive more traffic to your site. For a company that wants to drive sales and seeks close relationships with their customers, it is wise that they post relevant and useful information on their website in the form of articles or white papers, about their products or services, showing various benefits, bonuses, discounts, etc. For an individual reaching out to his audience, it is wise to categorize  the same and provide relevant information in the form of blog posts or short stories specific to each category.

When creating contents for website, one can easily copy other sites or borrow contents from other sites to fill theirs, but this practice is often not effective. It is important to have unique content, because there are a thousand other sites that are also doing the same business and are having the same idea as you. So, you need to state how you provide your service uniquely, any other additional information that makes it attractive and helps to stand out in search engines rankings.

Creating content for website entails a lot; using the right keywords, styles, etc., most times, requires professional services, as it is not a job done in a hurry. Sometimes, in order to get the best out of a website, it is also advisable to get the opinion of the potential audience because they are the people who will be visiting your site. A poor content on a website is often attributed to the lack of site management. 

Aside from creating a fantastic website with great content, it is also important that you also update it with latest information that will appeal to your audience, as people will always want to keep up with the recent changes in the society. It is not just about having the right website content, it also involves providing quality product or service. Therefore, companies should create a feedback option on their websites that the audience will definitely like to use for suggestions as well as for appreciating the noteworthy features/functionalities of their products or services.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

What is content theft and the remedies to tackle it?

Every website owner likes to have his/her own unique, identifiable, and informational online content . However, the main issue remains the security of this content as the same involves a big investment of time and money. People online easily copy this content and put it on their individual websites. Therefore, their specialty and exclusivity is easily compromised. As far as the implementation of cyber laws is concerned, the extent of application is so diverse that it is practically impossible to track and punish the perpetrators.  Also, there is no common law procedure against such thefts for the whole world. Every country has one of its own and hence conflicts are always there. Therefore, in present scenario the content theft is an ongoing process. However, there are certain online entities which come to your rescue in this complex situation.

One of the most common names is Google. This search engine is used by almost each and every online visitor for searching the most relevant websites online.  Google mandates the usage of unique and informational content  on a website, so as to achieve a higher ranking as compared to other spam or copied content containing websites. In this regard, its robots keep on indexing new and unique contents and duly know which sites are real and vice-versa. Hence, the websites with low grade, old, copied or spam content are simply downgraded and even removed from the search results, thereby securing the due rights of the unique content containing websites against those who simply play fraud. 

In case your content is stolen and is being used by some other person, you may complain to Google against the same with due proofs. The concerned website shall be immediately brought down from the search results. To prove your point, you may use the free online plagiarism checking websites such as, Copy Scape, Dustball, etc. Further, you may also get in touch with your local law enforcement authorities for getting an insight into the legal options available in your region. 

Kuchu Angel

Thursday, March 07, 2013


It's been a month since my last blog post. Earlier, I used to wonder, why fresh and unique content is always a  demand in the market. Is it the Google Panda update which has forced the policy of regular updation of content online or is the actual need of time to drive the business in the most profitable direction? 

While working with Ulricho, I analyzed this fact through extensive discussions with the content experts and the sales people, the more I ventured into, the more interesting it became. The first reason which I found most genuine and really interesting was the value that a unique content carries for the visitors. It acts as a silent expression, delivering our thoughts in a very specific manner to the web audience. It provides them an interactive environment by answering their most thought about queries instantly. Also, it let's them analyze our specialty, and superiority over other competitors. Hence, nevertheless to say, it carries the most important task of engaging the probable customers and allows them to understand and analyze our products and services. 

Secondly, if the content is updated, visitors get the latest knowledge about the respective products and services and don't miss out on the new additions. Therefore, the promotion part is quite efficiently handled by  the fresh content, thereby cutting your marketing costs by quite a good margin. Further, the Google Search also reserves a special retreat for the unique, updated and quality content. Therefore, always upgrades the quality content sites in the natural search results. It is a very important consideration for most of the web masters to maintain high quality content on their site to upscale their Google, Yahoo or Bing ranks. Thus quality content is a very important medium to drive the online business in the most profitable and result oriented direction. 

Really, experts at Ulricho provide highly efficient business content within a specified time interval. If you have any kind of content requirements just visit or mail us at Also, it would be a pleasure to provide you the first page of your valuable content worth 420 words free of cost. You may analyze the same, and go ahead for more.  

Thanks and Regards 
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Saturday, January 19, 2013


This is first Ulricho post...

Greetings and Welcome...

We are happy to provide our first blog post. As a content agency we have been in service market since last several years but it's a wonderful opportunity to get connected to all of you through this wonderful platform.

We are a group of experienced professionals creating great content for varied requirements. Our aim is to provide institutions, organizations, industries, and individuals with finest quality content which can accelerate growth and drive market gains. We have worked for many years with a number of companies in various domains including telecom, instrumentation, gaming, CRM, IT, education, marketing, etc. Therefore, have a rich pool of talent and experience as our strength.

Here at Ulricho, we come together to leverage our expertise for providing you a one point stop for almost all kind of expert level content. We always believe in excellence and timely delivery. Therefore, provide realistic deadlines after in-depth analysis of your requirements. Our simple, clear, and crisp business conduct paves the way for hassle free interaction with you.

Our content is always unique and is written in a way that expresses your product or service in a user friendly and interesting manner; thereby, helping you create a brand identity that stands among the best.

Our services include: Website Content, User Manuals, Academic Content, Articles/Press Releases, etc. We duly consider client satisfaction as our sole aim and provide a rediscovered excellence every time.
We provide the best possible output and maintain a strict quality check. Also, we have a 24*7 support service dedicated to performance enhancement by providing an extra mile assistance.

You may visit us at or mail us at for any queries, concerns, assistance, or information.

With best wishes,

Thanks and Regards
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