Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Points That One Should Keep in Mind While Writing an Article

  1. Know All About the Target Product/Service
    It is very necessary to collect all the information about the product or service that you wish to market through the article. Accurate knowledge of all the features, limitations, and specifications will help you sound genuine and convincing.
  2. Know Your Target Audience
    Understand who would be your target audience to write the content in a suitable tone, vocabulary, emotion, and language style. The audience can be differentiated on the basis of age, profession, interests, qualification, etc. For example, if you are targeting corporate level readers, the tone must be highly formal, vocabulary a high level, emotion preferably neutral, and business level language style must be adopted.
  3. Read Other Articles of Similar Kind and Analyze
    Before you hold your pen and start writing. Do read what others have to say. It will help you refine your content. You will be able to write what people expect, and not just anything.
  4. Try to Keep the Article Content in Line with the Title
    Having an eye catching title and content exactly focussed on the same will increase the accuracy of your article. An article with a suitable title, an interesting one, will definitely attract people, but the moment they find that the article body describes something else, they will be negatively impacted which is not at all good for any marketing campaign.
  5. Always Have Keyword Based Articles
    Articles that are easily searchable online for specific keywords, are obviously read more than the ones that are tough to search. Therefore, do embed long tail keywords in your articles, try not to over burden your article with keywords, having maximum of 4 keywords per 100 words is enough. A keyword may be repeated not more than 3 time in an article.
  6. Always Have an Introduction and Conclusion Paragraph
    The beginning of an article should be focussed on an interesting overview/introduction. This will give an outlook of what is there inside, and will encourage a reader to read further. Also, a suitable conclusion allows a reader to collect his thoughts.
  7. Format Your Article Perfectly
    Know that a well formatted article with a proper usage of bold type, underlines, italics type, numbering, bullets, etc., makes the article a presentable one. There is a famous saying, “if you can’t make it perfect, at-least make it presentable”.
  8. Proof Read Your Article for Punctuation/Grammar/Spellings
    Once you finish your article, don’t hurry to publish it. Take some rest, at least 30 minutes, come back, and edit your article with an open mind. Take due consideration to remove any punctuation/grammar/spelling mistakes.
These are very basic points that will definitely help you write some fabulous articles online.
Best of Luck!

Reference: Originally posted by Amit Kumar Chahar (Technical Writer - Ulricho) on Quora:

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