Sunday, June 19, 2016

10 Important Points to Keep in Mind While Writing Professional Website Content

Website content is very important consideration for all kinds of businesses. Whether they deal with software or hardware products or any kind of customer/business oriented services, it’s really very important to have a professional, well written, effectively punctuated, and knowledge carrying website content. As website content is something that faces the customer before you actually do. First impression is the last impression, therefore serve the best information about your business on your official website. It’s actually called placing your best foot forward and corresponds to a nice and perfect beginning to a successful journey of your business.

Following are the major points that should be taken care of while writing your website content:
  1. Collect Relevant Information about Your Products and ServicesIt’s the first most important step. Explore your products and services, and write all the points that you wish to include in your website content. Concentrate on the most interesting and outstanding features. Collect all the technical specifications.
  2. Understand Customer RequirementsYou must understand what a customer looks forward to in your product. Explore competitor websites, online forums, and blogs to see customer feedback about similar products. Analyze the same, and present your product in a way that resolves most the concerns that people have.
  3. Analyze the Audience/Readers
    Audience or readers are very important consideration for content writers. The tone, flow, and language, must match their acceptance criterion. For example, if the audience consists of business leaders, the tone should be highly formal, flow should be uniform, and language must consist of business class language/vocabulary. If the audience is college going students, it’s expected that the tone should be a bit aggressive, flow could be non uniform, and language should be simple. Similarly, if it is intended for children, a tone filled with affection, and a short and sweet writing style will make all the difference.
  4. Use Points Wherever Applicable
    People who read content in a hurry look forward to important points. Therefore, wherever possible explain your product and services in a point wise manner. Never forget to highlight the most important and striking points.
  5. Don’t Forget to Explain Who Your Are
    Even if people like your services page, they are skeptical about your team and company. Therefore, it is very important to create the two pages titled “Our Team” and “About Us”.  The moment the reader knows about you and your team, his confidence in your company grows by leaps and bounds.
  6. Every Page Should Have an Appealing Introduction
    A reader will read, and will be interested to read further only when he finds the introductory paragraph interesting. Therefore, always have a very intuitive beginning of your web content.
  7. Never Forget to Conclude Your Content
    An open ended content is like an incomplete information. Always try to give a genuine conclusion to your writing.
  8. Never Write Something That Might Appearing Threatening
    Let’s consider you have an electric fuse as the product, and you wish to make your customer aware that yours is a genuine standard product, others can cause harm or damage to his electrical systems. You should take utmost care to sound as a gentle consultant, not an assertive salesman.
  9. Always Edit Your Content for Grammar, Punctuation, Spellings, and Language Flow
    A grammatically correct website content written in flawless English, well punctuated, nicely formatted text, and without spelling errors definitely appears soothing to read.
  10. Add Graphics, Flow Charts, and Images at Relevant Points in Website Content
    Images, graphics, and flow charts placed at right locations in the website content make reading interesting.
These are very basic points. Once you start writing website content, you will yourself figure out
more of such kind to further refine your writing style.


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