Saturday, May 04, 2013

What is content theft and the remedies to tackle it?

Every website owner likes to have his/her own unique, identifiable, and informational online content . However, the main issue remains the security of this content as the same involves a big investment of time and money. People online easily copy this content and put it on their individual websites. Therefore, their specialty and exclusivity is easily compromised. As far as the implementation of cyber laws is concerned, the extent of application is so diverse that it is practically impossible to track and punish the perpetrators.  Also, there is no common law procedure against such thefts for the whole world. Every country has one of its own and hence conflicts are always there. Therefore, in present scenario the content theft is an ongoing process. However, there are certain online entities which come to your rescue in this complex situation.

One of the most common names is Google. This search engine is used by almost each and every online visitor for searching the most relevant websites online.  Google mandates the usage of unique and informational content  on a website, so as to achieve a higher ranking as compared to other spam or copied content containing websites. In this regard, its robots keep on indexing new and unique contents and duly know which sites are real and vice-versa. Hence, the websites with low grade, old, copied or spam content are simply downgraded and even removed from the search results, thereby securing the due rights of the unique content containing websites against those who simply play fraud. 

In case your content is stolen and is being used by some other person, you may complain to Google against the same with due proofs. The concerned website shall be immediately brought down from the search results. To prove your point, you may use the free online plagiarism checking websites such as, Copy Scape, Dustball, etc. Further, you may also get in touch with your local law enforcement authorities for getting an insight into the legal options available in your region. 

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